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At Thor’s Garden we bring you the finest selection of canna (balisier) plants. Our collection has been carefully curated by Thor Dalebø and the surplus is now available for purchase in member and associate countries of the EU. Explore our online store and find the perfect additions to enhance your garden and expand your own canna collection.

Canna, also known as canna lily or balisier, is the only genus of flowering plants in the family Cannaceae, consisting of about 20 species. All of the genus’s species are native to the American tropics and naturalized in Europe, India, Australasia and Africa in the 1860s.
Although they grow native to the tropics, most canna cultivars have been developed in temperate climates and are easy to grow in most countries of the world, as long as they receive at least 6–8 hours average sunlight during the summer, and are moved to a warm location for the winter.
Canna plants have large foliage, so horticulturists have developed selected forms as large-flowered, exotic-looking garden plants.  As well as their horticultural presence, cannas are also used in agriculture as a very rich source of starch for human and animal consumption.
Canna ‘Bethany


Discover the Canna Collection

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our canna collection, carefully curated by Thor Dalebø.  From vibrant blooms to majestic and unique foliage, our plants will add a touch of elegance to any garden or indoor space.


Thor’s Garden dates back to 1995, when Thor and his late wife Margaret purchased their first canna plant, which happened to be Canna ‘Phasion’, see image of its remarkable foliage on the right. This purchase was the start of a long journey collecting, plant hunting, photographing, researching the long-lost canna history and blogging to fellow enthusiasts.
Canna ‘Phasion
The collection started life at Claines in Worcestershire, England and on Thor’s retirement moved to its current home in the village of Beslon in Lower Normandy, France. The rich soils of the rolling Normandy countryside and the temperate climate provide a healthy growing environment for the collection. The local wines and cheeses are also appreciated.
Canna ‘Kronos’ & Canna ‘Mary Layden

Grow Your Own Beautiful Canna Plants

Start your own canna garden with our high-quality canna seeds. Each seed parent is selected for its own exceptional traits and will produce vibrant and healthy canna plants. Experience the joy of growing your own canna flowers with our premium seeds.


Canna fruit drying and some seeds ready to leave.


Canna seeds ready for germination.

Canna is a monocot, with just one seed leaf emerging first. When the seedlings are over 15cm (6 inches) in height, they can be transferred into pots. Planting in the garden should be attempted only after all danger of frost is over.
Canna Shop Sales
Obviously Thor’s Garden is a private collectors hobby site, but each year the canna collection grows more rhizomes than are needed to keep the collection alive, and the surplus is sold to help pay for the running costs of this large collection.
The site Shop can sell its home-grown surplus rhizomes to people resident in any of the member and associate counties of the European Union, but the phytosanitary requirements of other countries mean that selling rhizomes outside Europe is not a practical proposition.
To ensure the safety and health of our plants and animals, we do not offer visits without appointments. Biosecurity is our top priority.
Thank you for understanding why we cannot sell rhizomes and plants to countries outside the EU and our need to protect the collection and our pet animals by only allowing planned visits.

I would also like to publicly thank my canna friends for allowing me to use their photographs where I have none of my own. I neglected the photography side of our shared hobby due to failing eyesight, which has thankfully been rescued by the French health system. Thank you all..Thor Dalebø