Terms and Conditions

Order Cancellation, Right of Revocation/Return of Goods and Consequences of Revocation

a) Cancellation of Pending Orders

As long as goods have not been shipped, the customer may cancel a contract at any time free of charge. The cancellation of contract must be indicated in writing (e.g. by e-mail, fax, or letter) to Thor Dalebø. Note that all orders without receipt of payment are deleted automatically by the shop after 14 days. For all orders paid in advance the customer receives a reimbursement of the total order value via PayPal payment or bank transfer.

b) Right of Revocation of Shipped Orders/Return of Goods

Private customers have a right of revocation of shipped orders. The time limit starts with receipt of goods by the customer. All perishable goods, which are by their nature unsuitable for a return (e.g. plants and seeds), are exempted from this right. In this case a return of goods depends on a written approval by me. The customer has to ask me in a written form (e.g. by means of email, fax or letter) for such an approval within 14 days after receipt of goods by the customer. If I agree to return of goods, all goods have to be sent to:

Thor Dalebø
La Davière
50800 Beslon

Any contracts with commercial clients (e.g. resellers) are not covered by this right.

Consequences of Revocation

In case that I accept a revocation, on both sides all received benefits have to be returned and any benefits have to be redeemed. If the customer cannot return the received benefits totally or partly, or only in worsened conditions to me, the customer must indemnify me to the value of that extent. This does not apply to the degradation of goods as a result of examination – as it would have been possible for the customer in a local store for example. In all other respects the customer can avoid the obligation of an indemnification as a result of degradation of goods by not taking goods into his property and omitting everything, which degrades their value. All shippable goods are to be sent back on danger of me. The customer has to bear the cost of return, if the supplied goods correspond to the ordered and if the order value does not exceed an amount of € 40.00. Otherwise the return is free for the customer, and all his necessary return expenses are refunded by me. Obligations for reimbursement of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. This time limit begins for the customer with the acceptance of his revocation by me or for my receipt of goods.